Watch the Training with Bobby Castro 

December 11th, 2019

7:00pm – 8:00pm EST


Limited spots available!


Bobby Castro

Bobby Castro

Self Made Success | Dropped out of High-school at the beginning of 9th grade | $1 Billion exit sale | Personal Net worth $300 MM | Owns over 1800 multi family units | 6 figure personal income/month | Devoted husband of 29 years | Founded 6 companies, all with positive net income


Justin Caballero

Justin Caballero

Founder & CEO of Social X and VA Connections | Real Estate Investor | 245+ Renovations


Aaron Platt

Aaron Platt

Founder & President of Social X and VA Connections | Marketing & Sales Specialist

What is this event all about?

Join us for an evening of education and networking as you learn from Bobby Castro and connect with successful entrepreneurs, real estate investors, marketing and sales experts, and a community leaders! Our mission is to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their impact, network, and businesses.


* Real world examples on how to operate and run an efficient business 

* How to build & Scale a business for long term wealth

* Real estate investing 

*Leadership in business and life

* Business success formulas