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Social X Founder Justin Caballero - Success in Real Estate and The Power of Relationships

In this episode, I interview Social X Founder Justin Caballero on his journey in Entrepreneurship and building his Real Estate Company! Justin shares insight into mindset, habits, mentorship, and the power of relationships! Connect with Justin on Instagram @Jcab

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9 Young & Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Habits

Achieving success as an entrepreneur takes making a lot of silly mistakes, especially when getting started in your younger years. On the other side of those mistakes though, are endless opportunities for you to learn and grow both in business and in life. Your journey will be difficult at times, but regardless of the resistance you find along the way, the lessons you learn from failure will put you years ahead of your peers who may find themselves mindlessly working away in the back of a warehouse a few years down the line with no direction or ambition for a better future. If you’re serious about being your own boss, taking responsibility for your time and your finances, you’ll definitely find that there is a price to pay..

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Living Reeldriven interview with Justin caballero

At the young of 25, Justin is the Co-Founder of both Social X (mastermind and events) and Total Property Solutions in Tampa, FL and is one of the most driven individuals I know. He is constantly striving to better himself in every aspect and lift up everyone around him. In this interview, Justin and I cover a variety of topics such as: How he found his way through tumultuous times in his late college career, how Social X came to be, the importance of pursuing something you’re passionate about, networking, and mentor ship. If you’re a college student who feels lost about what they want to do after school or an aspiring entrepreneur, this is an episode you cannot miss!

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From College Dropout To 6 Figure Social Media Marketing Agency At 22

Today I had the pleasure of talking with Aaron Platt, owner of a branding and social media marketing agency, and one of the co-founders of Social X Events. In this episode, Aaron discusses how he was able to build his social media agency at the age of 22 and how he was able to create the wildly successful Social X Event through networking with extremely successful entrepreneurs. By the end of this episode you will know how to connect with high-performing people who you look up to in such a way that they will actually reply to you, and the steps you need to take in order to build your network at a young age. Enjoy!

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The Standed podcast with Jessica hurley talking with Justin cabellero

Jessica and Justin dive deep into what happens when you go after a life of passion and purpose.

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Learn the skills you need to succeed with viral style academy

Learn what kind of people to target through digital advertising, who are they, and what are they interested in? This free course will show you how. In this free course you will learn how to build audiences, play with emotions in your ads, scale your Facebook advertisements, and understand the back end of the Facebook business manager and its features. Founder of Viral Style Tom Bell has spoken on stage at the Social X event in Tampa as well as with the Social X mastermind group.

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As you know social media has taken over networking and growth in today’s world. The influencers at the top have mastered different practices and monetized their niche. In the midst of this, the importance of advancement through personal interaction and real experiences has been lost. The team at Social X identified this problem and teamed up with some of the best in the world to supply the solution.

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